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FOUND. by Markus presents its first in-house design: Candle No. 1


The candle

Hardly anyone has given it a more sensual and memorable appearance as Gerhard Richter did.
That is exactly what we tried to achieve with our version. Handmade in Germany -
the first in-house design by FOUND. by Markus:

Our candle No 1.

We wanted it to be made of beeswax - but not have the destinctive beeswax colour.
It was supposed to smell good without being perfumed.
It was supposed to be solid-coloured without being colourful.
It was supposed to be traditional without being conventional.
It was supposed to be hand-dipped. Precious and simple.

In collaboration with a small candle manufacturer in the Swabian Alb we developed our first in-house product. The wick is being dipped into the hot wax up to 18 times until the candle reaches a diameter of approximately 22 millimeters.
A little paraffin is being added to the beeswax so that the candle burns as nicely as we expect it to.

It will be available in a cream white, a light honey colour, a subtle grey  and a deep black.

It burns with pride.

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FOUND: "Title of Work" by Jonathan Meizler

I discovered New York based Jonathan Meizler and his brand Title of Work on my last trip to Paris. He was showing a selection of jewelry and exclusive accessories during Tranoi.

His jewelry was one of the few things on this trade fair that immediately caught my eye, since it had this simple and self-confident aura. The kind of jewelry that is uncommon in a very discreet way, and does not need to be explained because it is self-explaining. Something i was not really looking for, but that i needed the moment i saw it. Jewelry you just put on with a pleasant ritual and that immediately becomes a natural part of your personality.
Find all available styles here: objects / jewelry

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FOUND: Hirota Glass

The aburidashi technique, which involves the shaping of glass in a patterned mold to create opalescent-colored designs in the glass surface, is a classic, old-world glass-making technique that enjoyed widespread popularity in Japan during the Meiji (1868-1912) and Taisho (1912-1926) periods. Hirota from Japan continues this traditional technique.

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