FOUND. by Markus

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FOUND. by Markus

Hunting and gathering.
Or searching and finding like a truffle pig are the powers that fuel me. It is the hidden and undiscovered things that are my passion. Nothing makes me more excited than to track something down. Famous designers or manufacturers were never as important to me as the special aura and the peculiarity of an old piece of furniture or a vintage lamp.
I always search for myself. A piece that touches me always is a piece that belongs in my shop. The place that is my true home. An intimous place, in which I want to be surrounded only by things that excite me. Selling one of those special pieces is like giving away a piece of myself.

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A couple of years ago I found an armchair that stroke me like nothing had ever before. I did not know where it came from and who designed it. But it had the most perfect shape I had ever seen. I was searching for it so intensively that I was able to track down a couple more of them. With a lot of intuition, the skills of my upholsterer and the best fabric to be found, we managed to revitalize these pieces. Meanwhile I know that they were Fritz Neth armchairs, that have become extremely popular in Germany.

My passion for finding special things is closely connected with the search for quality. Whether it is the shape or the material. It is especially the quality that has to satisfy me. When you go on an expedition with this requirement, you do not only find old hidden treasures but also wonderful pieces of art hand-made today almost in secrecy. Small manufactories or one-man-shows that make something that I most definitely need.

I am always excited by the story behind each piece. Like that of the old armchair, that had been waiting in the basement for decades for a new life. Or that of the new jewellery designer, who makes something I have never seen before. 

I gather all these things because it is my passion to do so.

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